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Brand Story


When twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell left their small-town home in Missouri for a life of water and sunshine in California in the 1940s, they knew their lives would change. As kids they would create makeshift scuba gear out of household items so they could explore a pond on their family farm. This interest in aquatic sports grew when the two moved to Manhattan Beach, CA. The twins took out a small family loan and bought a share of the local spots shop called "Dive N' Surf." Lovers of surf year-round, the two found themselves at a crossroads when they couldn’t surf in the winter due to the cold-water temperatures.

Then in 1953, Bill Meistrell came up with a genius idea. Meistrell started experimenting with neoprene, the insulation used in the back of refrigerators, to create the first practical wetsuit. As a result of increased demand, the twins then designed and tailored their own brand of wetsuits. Originally called "Dive N Surf," the name Body Glove originated when one of their consultants remarked that the suits "Fit like a glove." From there it was history. The brand has lasted over 70 years and continues to innovate and create products for the outdoor sports enthusiast.