We've Planned the Perfect Day at Lake Tahoe!

Do you go to places for the Gram? Or are you looking for a workout to release that stress? Either way, the gorgeous Lake Tahoe will save you from those nature filters because it is BEAUTIFAUL!! If you're planning adventure here for a day, here's the perfect itinerary for you! Lake Tahoe is a popular vacation destination year round. With sparkling crystal blue water and sandy beaches in the summer and pristine ski slopes in the winter.

Let's get this summer adventure started!


Emerald Bay Lookout - Great Exercise & Refreshing

Emerald Bay State Park was our first stop about 20 minutes west of South Lake Tahoe. It is a gorgeous cove off of Lake Tahoe that has views of a small island named Fannette Island that is only accessible by boat/kayak.

Emerald Bay State Park


Sand Harbor Beach on the Nevada side of the lake

If I had to choose my favorite spot on this Lake Tahoe Itinerary, it would be Sand Harbor Beach. The water here is a stunning aqua blue with a beautiful landscape setting.

We took a rest on the beach here and has a snack. When it wasn't as hot, I launched the paddle board to get exploring again.

Sand Harbor Beach


Where to Stay in Lake Tahoe?

You will not regret staying at Wylder Hotel Hope Valley. They have over 30 unique cabin rentals and yurts and also camping. This itself is already a quarter of my day. Plus the view is absolutely amazing at night!

 Lake Tahoe

What to know what we brought with us?

As a water based sport, there is equipment needed for both adventure and safety. Here is the gear needed for paddle boarding or Kayaking:

  • SUP or Stand Up Paddle Board: you can find an inflatable SUP here, as it's easier to travel with. I recommend getting the pump here since inflating it does take some time.
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle
  • PFD a.k.a. a personal floatation device
  • Leash
  • Sun Block Clothing