BODY GLOVE: The best inflatable towables available at Walmart!

Three people riding a towable inflatable

"Nothing beats spending time with your family and friends out on the water during a hot summers day."

          It’s always been a frequent activity amongst my family to spend time at the lake but a while ago, I made two game changing purchases that have gotten my kids (and husband) completely OBSESSED with taking the boat out during the weekends for a days worth of fun.

          Yes, the purchases I am referring to is none other than the Bayside 2 Person Towable Inflatable Tube and the Riverside 3 Person Water Skiing Inflatable Towable Deck Tube made by Body Glove. I came across the 2 Person Towable Inflatable while shopping at Walmart with my youngest. She was immediately drawn to the stylish yellow and blue design with the cutest pink accents, it became a big hit at her birthday the following week! 

Bayside Inflatable Tube

          The Bayside 2 Person Towable Inflatable Tube is initially designed for 1-2 riders but we were able to squeeze the 3 of us easily. On another occasion, we even brought along our dog for a few laps around the lake! The tube was extremely comfortable to use with a high backrest and plenty of handles to hold on to when the waves get rough. The deep cockpit allows for comfortable seating/laying in any position while the backrest helps with weight distribution, something you’ll definitely want to look for when buying inflatable tubing gear (seasoned tubers will know what I’m talking about). The handles come with padded knuckle guards for a tight grip to ensure safety. A pet peeve of mine is when water fills up the inflatable, causing us to stop every few turns and have someone strong enough flip over the tube just to dump out what’s been collected. Thankfully this Body Glove product includes a self draining system which is rare to find in most tubes.

Bayside Inflatable Tube

          My favorite thing about this inflatable is its versatility. We didn’t notice at first but it’s actually towable from the front and back—it’s like a 2 in 1 deal! Another plus is the quick and secure tow hock that helps you easily connect onto the rope/boat. I definitely appreciate how this product seems heavily considered and actually designed by someone who knows the ins and outs of this water sport. So far I only have good things to say about this inflatable. No tears, no injuries, no complaints! 

          Our family took another visit to Walmart a few weeks later to look for another tube suitable for the older kids. Our little daredevils requested for a flat tube that’s solely used in a laying position, perfect for faster speeds and rougher waves. It was important that we get a quality tube that can withstand abuse from tougher rides and based on our past experiences from the previous purchase, we decided to stick with the same company Body Glove. 

Riverside Body Glove Inflatable

          Just like the first inflatable, the Riverside 3 Person Water Skiing Inflatable Towable Deck Tube includes sturdy foam handles, padded knuckle guards, self draining vent, and quick connect. Its bright yellow design with tropical graphics puts you right into a summer mood and can fit up to 3 riders at once, perfect for a day out with friends where everyone gets a turn. Another plus of this design is its high quality heavy duty cover. There’s nothing worse than coming home with a bunch of cuts and bruises, not from the severity of the ride but from the friction of laying on a poorly manufactured, low quality inflatable. Last but not least, I was pleasantly surprised to find puncture repair kits included with both products. I was hesitant on purchasing another inflatable after terrible experiences with other products (one of which caused me to shut down a boating trip because of a massive tear on a NEW inflatable after two trips around the lake). It’s definitely disappointing and a huge waste of time and money to find damages on your gear after only a few uses. I’m happy to say that these two Body Glove products have exceeded my expectations in all aspects of its design and even includes damage measures if it ever were to happen. Hopefully I won’t have to use them any time soon. Fingers crossed! 


You can buy these inflatable towables at participating Walmart stores.

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